Current Porting Issues Log


Since we starting porting Gardens of Time off of Flash and onto our new platform, Unity, we've run into a number of unexpected issues. In order to help you keep track of what we've fixed, what's outstanding, and what has special instructions for our support team, we've put together the below list for you. Please contact support if the issue you are experiencing isn't captured on this list.

*[Updated July 29, 2021]

Open Issues

1. Able to load the game with Firefox but unable to play scenes

If there is a specific chapter and scene, please bring it to our attention using the link below.


2. Game not loading

2a. Green screen

Please remain on the game screen, while the game is still loading (Blank Garden background)

2b. Javascript error

Please refresh the game again and try, if the problem persists let us know what actions in the game caused the error and provide the full-screen image (screenshot)





3. Art assets

3a. Default Items showing instead of the original

You might see default items like this as shown below instead of the original items when placed in the garden. This is only temporary. In fact, most of the items by now are restored, if you still see the default items, pls fill this sheet


Why did this happen??
Art assets needed rework in the transition from Flash to Unity. Wherever the assets did not pass our internal Quality, we were temporarily replaced with default assets. This is only temporary and we will put back the original ones after they are fixed

3b. Flickering items

A list of flickering assets is collated. The team is working on it and once updated the assets will stop flickering on the game. Pls submit details here
Pls submit

3c. Items Tiny in the Garden

pls submit details here


4. Inventory missing (not same as default/different assets showing)

The items are missing from inventory and are not to be found at all.

Please note, this issue has been resolved and you should be able to see all your items in the inventory or garden. If the items are showing as default items, please submit details here


5. Blitz loading related (Freezes up when responding to challenge :: When initiating another Blitz)

If the game freezes while doing Blitzes it might be due to high memory usage. We have resolved the issues reported so far. If you are still facing the same issue, please restart the browser. If the problem still persists, provide more details to our team via ticket


6. Friend list not visible

We are aware of the Friend list not showing and are looking into it. Please note this information shown in the game comes from Facebook. We appreciate your patience and will keep you updated on the progress.


7. Friend picture not visible

There are various reasons why your friend picture is not showing

  1. Friend has not set a profile picture
  2. Friend has chosen settings that does not allow the picture
  3. User is not a friend anymore but was added as neighbor earlier

If you still face issues, please contact us.


8. Scene not loading (Clock animation replaying after selecting a scene)

If there is any specific chapter and scene, please bring it to our notice using the link below.


9. Scene gameplay

9a. Scene objects show backend names or the names missing

The issue has been resolved. If you still have an issue with a specific chapter and scene, please bring it to our attention using the link below.


9b. Scene is auto finishing

We have resolved the chapters reported so far, if you have any questions specific to a chapter and scene, please bring them to our notice using the link below.


10. Difficult to click on ISO when they are grouped together

We are aware of the difficulty in selecting items in the garden. We have worked on most of the issues pertaining to this but there are some edge cases that still persist. We are exploring options to resolve the issue. Thank you for your patience and understanding.


11. Roamers not showing on the gardens

Please note, we have resolved the issues related to Roamers. Now you should be able to see the roamers when the path is laid from the gate to the Item(building) that has the Roamer. If you still have any queries please contact our support team.


12. Puzzles & Stamps not showing in the game

Please note, Puzzles & Stamps will not be available in the game and have been discontinued. Puzzles were taking more memory and resources to load, we had to make this difficult choice for better performance of the overall game.


13. Accidental spending in the game (Energy & Gold)

Our team has added confirmation pop-ups in the game wherever necessary. This should prevent accidental purchases from now. If you still have any new requests please feel free to contact our support. We will look into the same.


14. Daily Mystery gifts

FB notifications are controlled by Facebook and we do not have any control over the same. Please check your Facebook notification settings to receive the daily mystery rewards.


15. Weekly challenge rewards

The team has been notified and asked to ensure that the rewards for weekly challenges do not have any art-related problems. Please contact the support if any assistance is required further on this.


16. Time Capsule Rewards

It was initially reported that the time capsule rewards were not getting credited. There was a bug that prevented the pop-up from showing on the screen even if the rewards were credited. This issue has been resolved now. Please contact support if you have any questions.


17. Energy Sparks Missing from account

Please note, the issue has been resolved. Please contact support to request missing sparks if any, our team will be able to check the logs and compensate accordingly


18. Time Machine missing

Please note, the Time Machine should be visible in the garden. If not please contact the GoT support team.


19. Game Refresh Issue

When the game takes more time to connect to the servers the following error is shown. Please refresh the game and try again. If the error shows up every time you try to load, pls contact us and send a ticket.







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