What happens when Flash is no longer supported? (Facebook)

*UPDATE: The new platform was successfully rolled out. Flash is no longer required to play Kitchen Scramble.


After December 31st, 2020 Adobe Flash Player will no longer be supported by Google Chrome. You may have already seen this notification:


To make sure you can continue enjoying your experience with Kitchen Scramble after December, the team is working hard to move it off of Flash and to a new platform. In the meantime, please keep Flash Player turned on in order to continue playing.

We are aiming to make the new platform available on December 21st, 2020.


What will happen to my progress?
Rest assured, you won’t lose your progress and we plan to support Kitchen Scramble for the years ahead! In fact, the new platform will allow us to add better content and features with better performance and fewer bugs (though, we’ll have a few to work on while we make the change).


Can I get rid of the notification?
Yes! Simply click the “X” on the right-hand side of the notification to dismiss it.


I already turned Flash off. Can I turn it back on?
Yes! Google Chrome Help has all the information you’ll need for whatever device you’re using. Please click to find the information here.


We’ll be posting updates as they become available on the Kitchen Scramble Facebook page here:


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