How do I connect my game to Facebook?

In order to connect your game to Facebook, click on the Facebook settings and follow the below steps:

1.) Click on the “Down Arrow” option which is located next to your “Notifications” button.

2.) Click on Settings.

3.) Click on Apps and Websites on the left-hand side list of the settings page.

4.) Click on Expired tab (Note: If your game is not appearing in the “Expired” category then please select “Active” category to view the listing).

5.) Locate the game on the list of Apps.

6.) Select the check-box next to the game which you want to remove from the listing and click on the “Remove” button. This will uninstall the App from your Facebook profile.

7.) Important** DO NOT click on the check box. This will delete all the posts, photos & videos that you have published. Click on Remove to confirm your action.

8.) Click on Done.

9.) Open the game in your mobile and login to Facebook.

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