What we need to Transfer your War of Nations Game:

  1. Prior to getting your iPhone 6, write down the following information from your current game:
    1. In-Game Name (CASE SENSITIVE)
    2. World Number
  2. From your new iPhone 6, go to WoN and send us an in-game Customer Support inquiry:
    1. Menu > Profile > Settings > Contact Support
  1. In the inquiry, we'll need some information to complete the process:
    1. In-Game Name of Old Account (case sensitive)
    2. World Number of Old Account

    3. In-Game Name of New Account (case sensitive)
    4. World Number of New Account

    5. For security purposes, please also provide as much of the following as possible from your old account:
      1. Receipt information of gold purchases
      2. Recent in-game item purchases - specify date, item, and amount of gold spent
      3. Your last login time
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