What are Power-Ups and Boosts?

Power-Ups and Boosts increase your chances at passing Levels.

You can view and purchase Boosts in the Bazaar, at the start of each Level, and at the Post-Level screen if you did not pass the Level. Be sure to activate your Boosts at the start of each Level once you’ve purchased them.  

You can view and purchase Power-Ups in the Bazaar, from the Pause menu in a Level, and the expandable Power-Ups menu in the upper-right corner of the gameplay screen. Once you purchase a Power-Up, activate it by tapping on it when the Power-Up menu is expanded; the menu will collapse and your Power-Up will take effect.

The following Power-Ups and Boosts are available:

  • Sugar Rush -- Sugar takes up speed walking!
  • Big Tipper -- Customers will leave bigger tips for a short time!
  • Heart Blast -- Customers have full hearts for additional time!
  • Let ‘em Wait -- Customers find inner peace and lose Hearts at a slower rate.
  • No Burn, No Spoil -- All products are protected from burning or spoiling.
  • Extra Time -- More time is added to the clock in Timed Levels.
  • Lickety Split -- All machines and Stations operate at warp speed!
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