Meet your Customers and learn their preferences!

Certain customers have strong preferences and so they may frequently order the same thing. If you think you can guess what a customer is going to order, try to start making it before they even order!

Customer Twists and Quirks:

Starting in the Cherryglow Forest, each new Customer introduced will add a new spin to the Levels.

Clockmaker: Time is of the essence! On timed levels only, the Clockmaker might give you additional time when you serve him.

Beekeeper: Everyone loves the Beekeeper! When the Beekeeper approaches the counter, the customers standing next to him will gain half a heart.

Queen Gwen de la Creme: The Jealous Queen! When others are served before Queen Gwen de la Creme, the other customers will lose half a heart.

Cringe: The Undercover Minion! When Cringe gets upset, a Station in the Bakery is disabled until he is served.   

Glassblower: Glass Hearts! When the Glassblower approaches the counter, the adjacent customer Hearts will turn to glass. But be careful, once the Glassblower leaves, any other customer’s glass Hearts will shatter and they will leave, too.

Viking: The Angry Viking! In timed levels only, when the Viking pays for his order, he might take away seconds from the clock!

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