What is the benefit of syncing my Bakery Blitz game?

Syncing your game to your Android device allows you to play the same game on Facebook and your mobile devices. It also lets you play Bakery Blitz on multiple mobile devices.

To sync, tap the gear icon on the top right corner of the game and click on the Facebook Connect button.

  • Synced: Game Progress -- When synced, your game progress and high scores are updated to the furthest Land and Level you have unlocked.
  • Synced: Stars -- The Stars are shared between your Facebook and mobile devices. Each time you earn a Star, your total will be updated on all synced accounts.
  • Synced: Baking Stations -- Your Baking Stations are also synced! If you upgrade your Cake Oven or Lemonade Dispenser, they will be upgraded on all of your synced accounts.
  • Synced: Coins -- The coins you earn will sync across all mobile and Facebook devices.
  • Synced: Messages -- Your messages, gifts, and gift limits are synced across all platforms.
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