Reload/Refresh Issues on Kitchen Scramble (Web)

Are you having reload issues while playing Kitchen Scramble on Web? We are aware of the issue but need your help to resolve this bug. Launch the game and play normally until the game reloads. When the game gives you the reload or refresh error, please follow the instructions below.

Step 1
Click anywhere in the gaming window to make sure Kitchen Scramble is selected.

Step 2
Type the command "pconsole" (without the quotations) to retrieve a log of what has just occurred.

Step 3
Please select the log and press Ctrl+A to select the entire log.

Step 4
Please pressy Ctrl+C to copy the log.

Step 5
Send a ticket in to our Support team using the Help tab in the game. Include the log by pressing Ctrl+V to paste the log into the response.

Step 6
Send the log of the problem and our team will investigate the issue.

We really appreciate your help in this matter!

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