Lucky Slots Sweepstakes

Sweepstakes is now live on Lucky Slots! 

How To Enter

Open Lucky Slots on Web during the advertised Sweepstakes period. Please bear in mind that we may occasionally run Sweepstakes as a Flash Event, although players will always be notified via a pop-up in the game.

All of the Sweepstakes information (including entry dates and times) will be posted in the game throughout the sweepstakes period.     



During the Sweepstakes, players need to make an accumulated or single minimum bet of $5000 (or specified amount) to gain a single entry. Every entry is recorded by an Entry Tracker that is visible to each player, on the left side of their game screen. 

Only a single or accumulated $5000 bet is needed to qualify for the Grand Prize. However, every single or accumulated $5000 bet that you make following the first will gain you an additional new entry, thereby increasing your chances of winning.

How Winners Are Picked & Notified

  1. ONE winner is picked per sweepstake period.
  2. The winner is picked at random (the more entries, the more times your name goes into the running) via an automated system.
  3. The winner will be notified via an email from Lucky Slots. The player will have to click a link in the email to claim the $20,000,000 coin prize, which will be directly deposited in your Lucky Slots bank.
  4. We will occasionally (but not always) announce the name of the winner on the Fanpage.

For the full breakdown of terms and conditions, please visit Lucky Slots Sweepstakes: Terms & Conditions

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