Avoiding Phishing / Scam Facebook Pages

Phishing is the attempt to acquire sensitive information, such as usernames and passwords, by pretending to be from a legitimate, trustworthy source.

Fake Facebook pages may be set up to look like official City Girl Life, RockYou or Facebook pages (often with slightly misspelled names). Other phishing attempts come from personal accounts that are made to appear to be other City Girl Life players who are sharing a link to a reward.

The best way to avoid being the victim of phishing is to exercise caution and know how to identify and report phishing attempts.


How to spot a Phishing posts and comments

Misspellings and bad grammar - Many of the phishing posts (and page names) include misspellings and / or grammatical errors. That's not to say that all do or that we're immune to the occasional typo. However, if a post contains numerous mistakes or doesn't have the general tone of our posts, it's likely an unauthorized or phishing post.

Links - Phishing posts include links to gain personal information from you. Before clicking on a link, hover over it with your mouse to see the link address. If the link isn't to the City Girl Life app or to the RockYou website, do not click it. (Please note: we normally shorten our links using a third party service. These won't display the link address but will only appear in posts from us on our official pages.)

Posts and comments from unverified pages - City Girl Life recently became a verified page. Any comments from us include the blue verified check mark. The image below shows what the blue verified check mark looks like. 


Reward offers, threats and / or information requests – Some phishing posts include offers of in-game rewards to entice players into clicking them. These posts often include a link to a site that will request information from you with the promise of a reward at the end. Other posts include threats of account suspension or termination if you do not confirm your username and password. Remember, RockYou and City Girl Life will never ask you for your Facebook password or threaten to close your account if you do not confirm your information.


What to do if you see a phishing post

If you see a post that you believe is a scam, please report it to Facebook using the down arrow on the top right of the post. We do our best to monitor posts and comments and remove phishing attempts as quickly as possible. However, player assistance is always welcome. Reporting a post quickly will limit the amount of damage caused by it.

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