What is Deal of the Day?

Deal of the Day is an incentive program that allows you to watch sponsored videos from our partners and in return, you earn your way to getting a surprise gift. Look for the "WIN!" icon on the left side of the game screen to start. This is next to the Watch and Earn button but a different promo entirely.

How it Works:

- Each time you finish watching a video the button "Get Reward" will turn blue and will be clickable.
- Once you click it a popup will appear and it will show prize that you have earned.

Other important information:

- The prizes you accumulate in this game count towards items in this game only.
- We are always adding new exciting content, so if videos are unavailable to watch, please come back and try again a bit later.

After watching the videos you must wait until the button turns blue and click on it to gain credit. Simply watching and clicking the "No Thanks" will not register for the view so please remember to wait until the blue button "Get Reward" is clickable after watching the videos for this promotion.

The presence of the Watch and Earn and the Deal of the Day depends on the advertisements we have available. Since many ads are targeted to specific area, access to them may be limited outside those areas.We make every effort to deliver ads that help pay for your game experience, and when they are available the button will be presented.


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