How does "Spin the Wheel Daily Bonus" work in game?

a) You can spin the wheel each day to earn resources and collectables. You earn spins just by opening your game each day!
b) Each day when you open the game for the first time, you will find the Spin Wheel Wagon in your Canyon. If you don't see it, then look for the icon near the inventory button.
c) If you play the game every day, then your free spins will progressively increase. For example: Day 1 = 1 spin, Day 2 = 2 spins...Day 5 = 5 spins. Once you've reached 5 consecutive days, you will be rewarded with 5 free spins for each consecutive day.
d) If you miss a day, then the daily bonus wheel will reset to 1 free spin and you'll start over.
e) The daily bonus wheel will appear only on your first visit to the game in a day. If you don't use your free spins at that time, then you will loose the spins for that day.

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