Troubleshooting Your Game


If you are having trouble playing Lucky Slots, here's how you can troubleshoot the app:

A) If you're playing Lucky Slots on Facebook, do you have Flash Player installed? If not, please download the latest version here:

B) Clear your cache and relaunch the web app:

C) Are you connected to the internet? Please check your internet speed (download & upload):

D) If you're playing on a mobile device, can you make sure you are updated to the latest version? Go to the App Store and tap Updates, and make sure there are no updates available for you for Lucky Slots:

E) If you're playing on a mobile device, please restart the app without restarting the device.


ANDROID (Note: The location of various icons and buttons may vary slightly by Android device and version.)

1. Go to the device's "Settings" menu.
2. Select "Applications".
3. Select "Manage Applications".
4. Find the game in the list and select it.
5. Select "Force Stop" to completely kill the process.
6. Please then reopen the application.



Double-click the Home button to open the bar of running apps and slide the Lucky Slots app up and off the screen, then double-click the Home button to return to the Home screen and relaunch it.

If you are still experiencing the problem after you complete these steps, please send us a support ticket in the game, either from the "Get Help" tab on the Facebook version, or in the settings menu of the mobile game, and be sure to include as much detail as possible so we can better investigate.

If you see that a lot of people are having a similar problem and you are able to correct it, using the above -- or other -- steps, please let us know that, too!  That way, we can let our other players know how to get their game working again, and let our developers know so that they can work on a more permanent solution.  Thanks!


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