What are the Obstacles?


Introduced in Chapter 1. The objective for the Ink obstacle is to clear all ink squares from the board. The light ink is destroyed when a word is created with tiles covered in ink or by explosions. The Dark ink stained tiles aka (Double-Ink) requires two words to be spelled on top of it, in order for it to be cleared.  

The Ink Blotter Boost which becomes available in Chapter 2, level 22 can help with clearing the Ink in any level



Introduced in Chapter 1. The objective for the Quill obstacle  is to collect the specific number of Quills on your board.  The Quills, also know as feathers, fall down from the top of the board to fill gaps below them or diagonally from side to side.  Quills are collected by them falling down off the board, and will need to spell words underneath them.  

The Quill Net Boost which becomes available in Chapter 4 can help with catching those Quills on your board.



Introduced in Chapter 2. The objective for the Vial obstacle is to spell a word adjacent to the Vial also known as the non-letter time, and destroy the Vial with a bomb on the board. The darker blue Vials may allow for Ink to spill out.



Introduced in Chapter 3. The objective for the Ribbon obstacle is to spell a word with the tiles that  have ribbons on them and once the ribbon is cleared then it can be used to make a word with the tile beneath it.  Ribbons may have more than 1 layer on them, which means they will require two different words to be spelled with them, in order to free them.

The Untie Ribbons Boost which becomes available in Chapter 3 can help with clearing the ribbons on your board.


        Flying Letters

Introduced in Chapter 4. The objective for the Flying Letter obstacle is to spell a word with the flying letter or by explosions.

The flying letters can fly on the board and land on random tiles. The Flying Letter Flee Boost which becomes available in Chapter 4 makes all the flying letters on your board for the next 3 moves


       Giant Tile

Introduced in Chapter 5. The objective for the Giant Tiles varies per level. The Giant Tiles  occupies 4 tiles space so it limits the amount of letters on your current board.

The Split Giant Tiles  Boost which becomes available in Chapter 5 can help with creating more words since it breaks.



Introduced in Chapter 6. The objective for the Lava obstacle is to spell words with the letter tile  that the lava square is or by destroying it with explosions.

The Destroy Lava Boost which  becomes available in Chapter 6 will allow you to clear ALL lava and water tiles from your current board. 


      Bomb Tile

Introduced in Chapter 12. The objective for the Bomb Tile obstacle is destroy the bombs. The bombs are destroyed when an adjacent letter is used in a word spell, or of course by explosions. The Bomb Tile must be cleared before it explodes.

The Defuse Bombs Boost becomes available in Chapter 12  and will clear all bombs from the current board and allow no bombs to fall for the next 3 moves. However, bombs can still appear from the curse tiles.


     Crystal Tile

Introduced in Chapter 13. The objective is to break Crystals by spelling a word near it or by using a bonus tile explosion or combo.

The Crystal Crunch Boost which becomes  available in  Chapter 13  will crack and break all Crystal tiles from your board and turn them back into regular tiles.



Introduced in Chapter 14. The objective is to keep this tile on your board. The tile can't be used until the shadow is cleared. The shadow can grow arms, one at a time to nearby tiles. Clear a tile within an arm's reach to remove the arm. Once the shadow is clear of all arms, you can then clear the tile to destroy the shadow! If the tile is not after the allotted amount of moves, the shadow will close over the tile again and grow new arms.

The Shadow Flash Boost which becomes available in Chapter 14 allows you to click and remove 1 shadow (including fully formed Shadows) from your current board instant


      Roaming Tile

Introduced in Chapter 15. The objective for the Roaming Tile obstacle is to remove them from your board. You want to use them in a word to stop them from appearing on your board.  

The Roam Stopper Boost which becomes available in Chapter 15 will pause ALL roaming tiles on your current board for the next 3 moves.


     Falling Rocks

Introduced in Chapter 17. The objective for the Falling Rocks obstacle is to spell an adjacent  word to a Falling Rock 3 times or hit a Falling Rock once with a bonus tile explosion/bonus tile combo.  

The Rock Ward Boost which becomes available in Chapter 17 will remove all Falling Rock targets from your current board, and prevents more targets from spawning for the next 5 turns.


(Image N/A)  Walls

Introduced in Chapter 18. The objective for the Walls obstacle is to try to spell words across   from the walls. The Walls are interior so walls can fit between squares and blocks the tile  flow. As you try to spell words across from the walls, try to also block other action from the game.



Introduced in Chapter 19. The Slime obstacle allows the slime to appear randomly on your board and letters will settle onto the spaces. Once the tile passes through the slime, it is now slimed! The slime remains on the letter tile and requires two words to be spelled to get rid of the slime.

The Slime Sleeper Boost which becomes available in Chapter 19 will allow you to select and get rid of an entire 3x1 area of Slime from your board.


 (Image N/A)  Lava Vials

Introduced in Chapter 20. The Lave Vials obstacle makes the vials filled with lava harder to clear with a word, and once the vial is broken the lava is dumped onto the board.


    Whirlpools (Swirl Stones)

Introduced in Chapter 22. The Whirlpool obstacle shows up on the board which shifts the tiles surrounding it by one slot in one direction. If the neighboring tile can not be affected by a Whirlpool, the Whirlpool will then skip over that tile and settle in the next valid tile. Whirlpools can also change the direction they're spinning in.

The Swirl Smasher Boost which becomes available in Chapter 22 level 5 will allow you to destroy 1 Swirl Stone of your from your current board.


 (Image N/A) Curse Tiles

Introduced in Chapter 23. The Curse Tile obstacle will allow for these tiles to randomly appear on the board and 1 of the randomly placed tiles as an obstacle. It takes 3 hits to clear the curse tile, and the Curse tile can target only normal and bonus tiles.

The Curse Shocker Boost which becomes available in Chapter 23 level 2 will allow you to be able to damage and disrupt 2 random Curse tiles from your current board.


 (Image N/A) Slime Vials

Introduced in Chapter 24. The Slime Vial obstacle are these vials that are filled with slime! When the vial is broken, it will spread slime on your board. Using the Slime Sleeper Boost will be very handy when this happens.



Introduced in Chapter 25. The Sleeper obstacle i s like a creature and falls asleep on a tile, so it can't be used. Disturbing by a spell or bonus explosion will cause the Sleeper to flee to another tile.

The Cacophony Boost which becomes available in Chapter 25 level 3 will allow you to destroy 1 Sleeper tile from your current board.


    Water Tiles

Introduced in Chapter 26. The Water Tiles obstacle makes these tiles have target tiles to keep the  same letter and the targeted tile loses any bonus qualities.


  (Image N/A) Vicious Roaming Tiles

Introduced in Chapter 27. The Vicious Roaming Tiles obstacle is almost identical to the Roaming  Tile. However, instead of swapping spaces with a tile, the Vicious Roaming Tile destroys and  eats the tile it moves onto.  An empty space is left behind, which fills in. 

The Roam Stopper Boost can help with pausing ALL roaming tiles for your current for the next 3 moves.



Introduced in Chapter 29. The Portals obstacle allows for more than two portals to appear at  once and tiles are moved randomly between them.  

The Close Portals Boost which becomes  available in Chapter 29 level 3 will allow you to Close Portals from your current board for 3 moves.



Introduced in Chapter 31. The Gum obstacle falls on Gum, the tile/obstacle becomes stuck. Spelling with the tile or destroying the obstacle will unstick it and it can now fall down if a tile is  cleared below it. Keep in mind that spelling with a stuck tile does not clear that tile.and also does not clear the Gum.  

The Gum Gone Boost which becomes available in Chapter 31 and level 3 and will allow you to remove 1 spot of Gum from your current board.


(Image N/A) Chain Ribbons

Introduced in Chapter 32. The Chain Ribbons obstacle must be destroyed from the letters on the ends and work inward.

The Chain Release Boost which becomes available in Chapter 32 level 3 will allow you to remove an entire Chain Ribbon from your current board.


      Hot Lava

Introduced in Chapter 33. The Burst, Hot, and Dense Lava is a background obstacle which behaves like Lava, except that clearing it will spawn a 3x3 area of Lava.


     Magic Doors

Introduced in Chapter 54. The Magic Doors obstacle are doors that open and close and move from tile to tile on your board challenging you from clearing the tile. 

The Door Jammer Boost which becomes available in Chapter 54 level 3 will allow you to keep the doors on your current board open for 3 moves. 







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