How is the season score calculated ?

For every challenge, we're giving 2 rewards, a boost reward and a rating reward. In general only top 2000 teams get the rewards for a challenge. The teams fall into tiers for the challenge based on their rank.

The rating given to a user depends on his team rank for the challenge. The user gets (max rating for tier - overall team rank) rating for the challenge.

Example: Team ranks 1-3 -> 10000 rating max (tier 1 for the challenge)
Team ranks 4-10-> 8500 rating max (tier 2 for the challenge)

Lets say there's a team with A,B players and the team rank for the challenge is 5. Then they'll both get 8500-5 = 8495 rating increase. The season rating for the user is sum of all the ratings he gets from each challenge.

The information as to how ratings are calculated is shown to users when he/she clicks any tier for challenge (2nd tab in the consolidated popup).


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