Lucky Slots Updates - 2/26/2015


Over the next few months, we’ll be rolling out some widespread changes on Lucky Slots Web (Mobile will be next!).

We want to keep you informed of every adjustment we make, so we’ll keep this page updated with all the changes and how they affect you.

What’s Changed?

Player Favorites

We added a Favorites section to your lobby, so now the machines you love the most are within easy reach!


We’ve increased the number of levels - you can now advance up to Level 10,000. With every Level Up, you will also collect incrementally higher Rewards.

Bonus & Super Spin Wheel

We increased the value of both Wheel spins and made the variation greater.

Coin Packages

We increased the coins in every package (but kept all of our popular prices).

Bet Tiers for High Roller Lobby Machines 

We rebalanced the bet amounts on each machine.

Do you have questions, concerns or feedback on any of the changes? Feel free to email us at Stay tuned for more updates!



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