How to Request & Receive Collection Items



To Request Collection Items:

  • You can either ask your friends (neighbors) to send you collection items or you can buy missing pieces or all items in a collection.
  • To Ask your friends or neighbors, Go to Collections, Scroll to the slot machine of your choice and select the Ask button. This will prompt you to ask your Slot Friends, Recommended Friends or All Friends to send your collection item.
  • Your friends or neighbors will receive a notification prompting them to "Send Item" to help you upgrade a slot machine.



To Receive Collection Items:

  • Go to your Lucky Slots Inbox (in the top or bottom navigation bar) and accept the Collection Item(s).
  • Confirm you've received your Collection Item(s) by going to your Collections page and scrolling through the slot machine pages.
  • Once you've completed the required items for each set, you are eligible for an upgrade, a higher jackpot amount, an increased number of scatter spins (when prompted) and more bonus coins.

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