Reels Are Not Spinning Properly


Are you experiencing problems with reels endlessly spinning while you are playing in a machine? We recommend you write in to our Support team. But first, make sure you include the following info so we can help resolve your issue faster:

If playing the App on a mobile device: 
* What type of mobile device you have (e.g., Android, iPhone, iPod, iPad) and which model (e.g., 3G, 4S, iPad 3, etc.) 
* How much free space you have on the device? 
* Have you updated your device to the latest version?

If on your computer: 
* Which browser & version and what kind of computer you are using? 
* Have you tried playing on another browser? 
* Do you have any security software installed?

Game play: 
* Which machine were you playing when this occurred? 
* Did you select the "Facebook Share" dialog box? 
* Can you describe the steps you've taken before this issue happened?

Please take a screenshot or screencast (video). Here's how:

You can use the Get Help tab in-game and receive instructions that prompt you to include screenshots.

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