What are Time Portals in Gardens of Time?

Time Portals

Time Portals are a new feature that lets you spin and win exclusive, limited time items.

If you collect all four items, then a special new scene unlocks for you to play.

This scene has new art, and drops extra materials for the Time Lab.




How do I Find the Time Portal Keys?

Keys are found when you earn an item for the first time. You must collect one of each item, to unlock the scene.


Where is this feature found?

Access this new feature from the pop-up, or visit the collections menu by clicking the collections icon on the navigation wheel. Time Portals is a tab on the collections menu.



When I win an item, where does it go?

The item is placed into your inventory, and the experience you gain is added automatically to your experience bar. Place the item in your garden to earn garden reputation.


Can I get more than one of each item?

Yes - when you spin the wheel, you have a random chance to win one of any of the items on the wheel.

There is a maximum number of each item you can win - if you reach your limit on any one item, you will get one of the other wheel items instead. You may win several of any of the items on the wheel. 



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