The Time Mechanism - What is it, and How Does it Work in Gardens of Time?

The Time Mechanism takes you to random scenes. There are some exclusive scenes that you can only play by using the Time Mechanism.


To unlock this feature, you need to complete the first steps of the Time Lab quests. You can view the Time Lab and Time Mechanism by clicking the icon in your garden, then choosing one of two tabs at the top of the lab.


To play the Time Mechanism, you need 10 energy and 1 Token. You can make Tokens in the Time Lab, or purchase them with gold. 



  1. Click the button, "Spin for 10 Energy and 1 Token"
  2. The spinner will choose a random scene, and a random mode. 
  3. Click the Scene to play, or, you can click to spin again if you want to play something else. It won't take any extra energy, but you will need another token to spin again. 


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