How do I Blitz for Toolboxes in Gardens of Time?

What are Toolboxes for, and how do I get them? 

To upgrade wonder in Gardens of Time, you'll need to collect Toolboxes. Toolboxes are special items that you find sometimes when playing a Blitz Challenge. 

Challenge your neighbors to Blitzes, and accept their Blitz Challenges to find toolboxes! Toolboxes won't drop every time, so try a few challenges each day.


What is a Blitz?

A scene blitz is similar to a normal scene, except that you have 60 seconds to find as many items as you can.

You do not need to win the scene to have a chance at finding a toolbox, but your neighbor will have to accept your Blitz request you send them, and then play the scene. They will have a chance to find one when they help you. 


To play a blitz, visit a neighbor and find the roamer with the exclamation point. Click on him to bring up the option to blitz. You can also find the Blitz icon on the left, where you normally find your quest icons in your garden. 


See the Pictures below for a quick guide!



An important note about 'Play Blitz'  *****

When you click on your wonder to see your material or upgrade, you will see the words "Play Blitz" in grey.This is NOT a button. This is only a reminder that Toolboxes come from blitzes.



An important note about building materials *****

Find out how many toolboxes you need by clicking on a wonder in your garden. Remember that materials are shared between all buildings/wonders. If you use some to upgrade one wonder, you will have less left over for the next one. 


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