How do I craft items in the Time Lab?

How do I complete the first quests for the new Time Lab? 


Click the Time Lab Icon on the right to open the Time Lab.

Once you have found the fragments needed from playing scenes, you can click 'Start Crafting.'

When you click 'Start Crafting' You will spend your energy and your fragments while you work to make parts for your Time Lab.



After the timer is up, your work is done, and you can click ?Collect Items.? 

As you craft and collect more items, your character become more familiar with the handbook you are working on. When you have fully mastered the Handbook Page, you will unlock the secrets contained within!


Once you have unlocked that secret, you can see a preview of the item or special ability that the handbook is for.  

Our first craft awards you energy! If you are not sure what your next prize will be, look in your Time Lab. The item on the Brass plaque is what you will create next!  The message that shows you your reward has a special time lab icon - when you see it, you know that it is your prize! 



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