The Handbook - What is it, and How Does it Work in Gardens of Time?

The Handbook is the first challenge of the Time Lab. You can find it by clicking the Time Lab icon on the right hand side of your game. It will open automatically to the Time Lab tab. What you see, is the Handbook!


You will be working to repair the handbook, and in return, will receive Energy, Crystals, Tokens and special exclusive items when you repair a Handbook Page.

Each page is a node on the Time Lab Handbook.  Some 'pages' are harder to repair than others. For example, the very first one, that rewards energy, requires that you work on it two times. (1 Red Glass, 1 Blue Glass) and then again (1 Red Glass, 1 Blue Glass).


You can tell your progress on the page, by looking at the meter on the right hand side. In this image, the player is almost done with the very first page.



Once you have unlocked the next 'pages,' click on their icons to bring up their crafting menu. It will show you what you need to complete it. 



If you are in a hurry, spending gold can speed you through any tough handbook pages, by unlocking the next page. 

This is not necessary, and you should be able to finish the book without spending any gold, if you don?t want to. 




** Important Message:

* Clicking on a LOCKED page (With a Padlock) - a button will appear where you can purchase to skip the requirements. This is optional, and will NOT award you any items for the previous page. It is only to ignore it. In example, you will not receive Tokens if you skip that page, and unlock the one after it.

* *If you experience slow loading times, the button to purchase the LOCKED scenes may take a second to appear. To prevent accidental purchases, ONLY CLICK ON A LOCKED PAGE. IF YOU WANT TO PURCHASE AN EARLY UNLOCK.



The following image shows that your first page is done (energy) and that you can now advance to work on the next two pages. Each page has different requirements. The image below shows example requirements for the Tokens. If you click the Unlocked Time Crystal page, it will show you what to collect to fix that page. 


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