What is the story of the Time Lab in Gardens of Time?

As the story goes..

Quincy discovers some musty maps of the old Time Manor, and discovers a basement that had been walled over long ago. The Time Society, while well-traveled, had lost much of the information regarding the foundation and early technology of the Time Society. 


What has been discovered..

The basement is a veritable treasure trove of lost academic journals, inventions and schematics. Most interestingly, there is information on some of the prototype Time Gardens!


The old research lab is in quite the disarray either with an experiment gone awry, or a malicious attack. We think we can track down some of the missing pieces to puzzle together the lost history of the Time Society. One of these handbooks appears nearly intact.  Keep your eyes peeled for missing fragments while you are on about your business, and report back to Quincy in the Time Lab with your findings!


Sometime later..

Reading through the handbooks you have helped him put together, Quincy determines that this contraption is an early prototype of the Time Machine, quite possibly the first! We are not sure where this Time Machine leads; its controls seem primitive, but functional. If we could locate the tokens required to operate it, we may be able to travel to new places!

After a little more reading, the tokens appear to be an award for trusted time agents - most likely to keep the junior staff and interns from getting into too much trouble. These tokens can be created by a seasoned explorer such as you. We believe your Handbook has a page on how to create tokens, you may need to repair it with fragments to unlock it. 

This token-activated device will send you to different scenes, some of which are inaccessible by your primary time machine. Due to its use in the destruction of the lab, you will likely find more lab fragments while searching with the Time Mechanism.

As a brave and seasoned Time Society member, use the Time Mechanism to explore time and collect missing fragments!


Secondary Objectives

Life continues as normal, and while your help with the Time Mechanism is requested, we understand if your duties as a Time Society agent outweigh this new opportunity. You can choose not to participate, but there are many agents ready to assist Quincy, and in one months time, there will likely be no more work left to do on this project.


There will be great items to unlock. The Handbooks show a lost rose, frozen in time under glass. Assisting Quincy will likely lead to this timeless rose, and to the very first Time Garden.

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