What are Blitz Boosters in Gardens of Time?

Blitz Boosters

Blitz boosters are bonuses you can add to your blitz scenes, to give you an advantage when you play.  



What are the Blitz Boosters, and what do they do?

There are currently three Blitz Booster types:

1 - Time Freeze: Time Freeze Booster gives you an additional 5 Seconds to play the scene when the scene begins.


2- Fast Five: Instantly find 5 hidden objects - giving you instant points and a 5x score multiplier


3 - Glass Charm: This Booster increases the chance that you will find crafting materials in the scene

This charm is unlocked with gold, however after it is unlocked, it can be purchased with silver and energy.

You must be at least level 9 to unlock this boost


Can I use Blitz Boosters in the Weekly Blitz challenge?

Yes! You can use Blitz Boosters on any blitz.

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