What happens when I sync my game?

Syncing your game allows you to play the same game on both Facebook and Mobile devices. It also lets you play your game on multiple mobile devices.

To sync, tap Friends, tap Messages, and then tap Facebook. Tap the Facebook button that appears, then log into your Facebook account.

Synced: Game Progress

When synced, your game progress and high scores are updated to the furthest point you have unlocked.

Synced: Star Tokens

Star Tokens are shared between Facebook and Mobile. Each time you earn star tokens,  your total will be updated on both Facebook and Mobile.

Synced: Appliances

Appliances are also synced. If you upgrade your mixer, or cutting board, it will be upgraded on all of your synced accounts.

Synced: Coins

The Coins you earn will sync across mobile and Facebook also.

Synced: Messages

Your messages, gifts, and gift limits are synced across platform as well.


Content that is Not Synced is listed below.

Not Synced:  Kitchen Cash

The Cash you purchase is unique. If you purchase Cash on Facebook, you must spend it on Facebook also.

Not Synced:  Supplies

Your supplies are separate! When you run out of supplies on Facebook, you can load the game on your mobile device to continue playing. That?s one of the best advantages to syncing your game!

Not Synced:  Power Ups

Power Ups you collect are specific to your mobile or facebook game also.

Not Synced:  Premium Ingredients

Your premium ingredients are specific to your mobile and Facebook game. In example, Blueberries you collect on Facebook, can only be used on Facebook.  




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