I am seeing a blank white or grey scene or also one with an (!) mark on it, or other error messages!

In addition to clearing your cache, and running on the latest version of your Internet Browser and Flash player, we also suggest having all 3rd party plugins disabled while playing Words of Wonder, and also disabling/turning off your pop-up blocker.  Having these enabled will allow your game to potentially not perform properly and will allow for these common issues to possibly occur in your game.  

Below are some detailed and descriptive instructions on how to Disable/Turn off  your Pop-up blocker, and disable other plug-ins  for all browsers.  



If your pop-up blocker is turned on (Chrome also turns it on by default) and the site you are on tries to send a pop-up, an icon that looks like a browser bar with a red 'x' will appear in your address bar (red arrow).


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