Does Words of Wonder Mobile require an active internet connection?

You do not need an active internet connection to play. There are however, some benefits to connecting to the internet.


1) You can only complete purchases when you are online

2)  Connecting your game will save your game progress. (Only if synced)

3)  Connecting your game will allow you to pick up where you left off playing on a different device (Only if synced)

4)  Connecting your game makes it easier to find friends and unlock new chapters


What if I only have a connection some of the time?

This is ok! You can continue to play without connection. When you reconnect after being offline, the following will happen (If you are synced)


-  Your game progress will be saved.

-  Any levels or chapters you unlocked on a different device will now be unlocked to play. (You may need to restart your game).

-  Your boosts, high scores, and friends will be updated  


*Note: If you have played recently on another device, you will need to connect to the internet to load the most recent version of your game.

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