How do I Become a Member of the Keeper's Society?

To become a member, simply locate and click on the Keeper's invitation envelope on the upper left corner of your game board.


 Upon the initial click of the envelope a tutorial will appear to show you how the rewards program works, and guide you to the Keeper's Society membership page.


To become a member click "Join Now" on the plan that you choose and follow the payment steps.


  *Pricing, and membership rewards are subject to change

1.  Click Join Now on your desired membership tier. The Facebook payment information will then surface for you in the game, and allow you to choose your payment option. "First select" to pay using a Debit/Credit card or PayPal account. Once you've chosen your payment method click the "Buy Subscription" button.


If you would like to add, remove, or make any changes to your billing information, please go to your Facebook Account Settings -> Payments Settings -> Payment Methods to remove your billing information.

For more information, please visit Facebook's FAQs: Add/remove credit cards from my account?

2.  Complete the payment form for your Debit/Credit card or PayPal account.



 3.  Upon validation, Facebook will email you a confirmation receipt and surface this message.


 4. You are almost there! Once you complete all the payment steps, your Keeper's Society Membership tier package will appear for you as a celebratory in-game message showcasing all benefits you will get for your membership package. Make sure to share the news with your friends and enjoy your membership of the Keeper's Society.


 *Some transactions may take up to a few days for full processing. For questions regarding your transaction status and confirmation, please file a dispute for investigation. Click this link, for dispute instructions on How to File a Transaction Dispute!


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