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Words of a variety of fun extra features in the game. Below is a list of the most commonly used fun features! Please note that some of these features may not be available for everyone when out in the game!



  1. Diamond Quests - aka Quests- is a feature that appears randomly in the game as a new set of content for you to play outside of the main chapters in the game. Each Quest contains a set of levels (number of levels can vary) and give out various helpful rewards along the way! Be sure to collect Diamonds in the game to play Quests levels. Remember, you can earn Diamonds by clearing a Diamond Tile in a level, or requesting them from friends. Diamonds can also be bought in the Wonder Store with Gold!



  1. Watch To Earn- is a fun feature that allows you earn FREE GOLD.  Watch to Earn is currently available on the web version of Words of Wonder. The "Watch To Earn" feature can be accessed by clicking on the purple television icon, which can be found on the bottom left-hand corner of your game screen, and also in the Wonder Newspaper that you can access on the upper right-hand corner of the screen. Look for this icon in the Wonder Weekly newspaper, and also on the bottom right of every chapter map. Watch and complete the set number of videos directed to earn 1 Gold. Be sure to click on the Green button after each video to receive the credit. If the button is in, this means that there are no videos available at the moment.  




  1. 5 Day Gifting Event- is a fun featured promotional event that is run in the Words of Wonder game and enables players to send and receive a particular item (usually theme related) during the event period. Each item will be open for users to send and receive within 24 hours of the released date. Reminders will pop up during the loading of the game to remind you to send and receive gifts or partake in the event.  If you missed some days, the items can be purchased using your gold only. The items will vary in gold counts depending on the 5 Day Gifting event that is live at that time. If you were not able to send and receive the item during the designated day, the of the item is allowed at throughout the event.  The 5 Day Gifting event will end with a free REWARD when all items are collected.  



  1. Achievements-


  1. Keepers Society Players Rewards Program-








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