What are the Pre-level Boosts?


+3 Moves - Available in Chapter 1 level 7, and Adds 3 moves to your current board.




+1 Move- Available in Chapter 2 level 17, and Adds 1 extra move to your current board. 




Ink Blotter - Available in Chapter level 22 and removes one (1) level of ink for up to 3 tiles. 




Add Time - Available in Chapter 3 level 26 and Adds 10 seconds to your current board. 




Wildcard - Available in Chapter 3 level 30 and the wildcard counts as any letter, selecting the wildcard in a string of letters, will turn the wildcard into a letter that completes the word, if any matches are possible. 




Improved Explosion Radius - Available in Chapter 3 level 31 and improves the 2X and 3X tiles now clear more tiles off the board when they explode.




Flying Vowels - Available in Chapter 4 level 46 and makes turns all Flying letters now into Flying vowels.





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