What are Enchantments?

Enchantments- Also known as, Premium Bonus Tiles work similarly to boosts and are also available in the Wonder Shop for purchase, but instead of being purchased one a time, an enchantment is purchased once at a higher gold price and is available for use indefinitely. If purchased, enchantments will either appear on your boost bar when available for use on that specific level/obstacle, or will automatically activate on your game board for you. The appearances vary per enchantment functionality. See the list below and discover the unique effects of the different enchantments available for you in Words of Wonder.



Slow Time -  This Enchantment activates automatically and allows you 50% more time by permanently slowing down the timer on all standard levels. The Slow Time enchantments appears on your game board with the green thorny vines surrounding the timer as an indicator.   






Cross Clear Enchantment - This Enchantment appears in your boost bar if purchased, and is available for use once per round, and allows you to click any (1) letter tile and turn it into a Cross Clearing tile that also has a 3X Cross Clearing score multiplier!                                                         


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