General Game Tiles and Items



Letter - A-Z tiles are the tiles that are on each board. 



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Square - Any spot on the game board that can be filled by a tile.



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Tile - Any letter or Bonus letter on the game board. 




Star- Stars are badges that you can earn, that show off your mastery score of a level. Earning 3 stars means you have mastered a level. Try to earn all the stars!




Staffing - A Staffing map marker shows you that your friends need to help you adventure into the next chapter. Click the staffing icon on the map to bring up a Help Request menu.




My Profile - The Profile Page shows you interesting statistics about your game, including how many words you've spelled, and more. You can also view your friend's profile pages to see their stats.




Settings - Click the Settings Gear to turn sound or music on and off, or go full screen. 




Back -  The Back button will ask you if you want to leave your current game, and go back to your map. 


Gold - Gold is the premium currency to buy boosts, to staff, and to purchase any other item in the Words of Wonder game. You can get gold by clicking on the (+) icon of your gold tab, or when their is a Bonus Gold Sale in the game which is advertised when the board loads with a sale banner or by clicking on the Newspaper.




Energy - Energy is what allows you play the time. Each level requires 10 energy to be used. Other game features may also require energy to be used.  Energy can be granted as gifts from ally's and also purchased with Gold. A player can have a maximum of 50 count of energy in their meter bar at one time, and can receive up to 50 requests from ally's per day, so be sure to check your messages!





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