How do I make purchases in Words of Wonder?

Purchases can be made in a few different ways!


  1. Purchases can be made by accessing the Wonder Shop which is the (purple shopping cart icon) on the upper right hand corner of the game map. Once inside, you can click on the different tabs (Pre-Level Boosts, In-Level Boosts, Enchantments, Energy, and Bundles), that you would like to purchase. Once you locate the item(s) from the scroll bar on each on each tabs that you want to purchase, simply click on it and the item will automatically be added to your inventory.  


  1. Purchases can also be made inside a level, by simply clicking on the (+) of the Boost that you would like to purchase. By clicking on the (+) of that Boost a popup will appear with the price of it, so make sure that you have enough Gold to make the purchase. Simply clicking on it will allow that Boost to be added instantly to your inventory. You can also click on the option to re-enter the Wonder Shop from the popup, in case you would like to purchase a different quantity than what is offered.   

*Some items may not be available to you, depending on your current level that you are in the game.


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