How do Time Crystals work in Gardens of Time?

How do Time Crystals work in Gardens of Time?


Players can spend Time Crystals in the following ways


  1. Spend a Time Crystal and 10 energy to play a Time Crystal chapter scene
  2. Use Time Crystals as an upgrade material for special buildings



Players on Facebook can find Time Crystals in the following ways:

*Important note: You must be level 5 or higher, and also have finished Chapter 1 quests 


  1. You can find Time Crystals by playing scenes
  2. You can post Time Crystals requests on your Timeline (limit is 6 posts, 12 crystals total per day)
  3. You can also send out 1-1 request to request crystals from your friends (limit is 12 cry stals per day)
  4. You can purchase more Time Crystals with Gold.



When do I get free Time Crystals?

If you are a member of the Inner Circle, you will receive free Time Crystals at the end of the month automatically. This arrives at the same time you get your special building for being in the Inner Circle. Depending on your timezone though, your Time Crystals and Building may show up 24 hours After* the end of that month.


Players do not automatically receive time crystals at the start of a crystal chapter.

This is a misunderstanding of this goodwill feature. When a new Time Crystal chapter is released, the game checks to see how many time crystals you have.


  1. If you have less than 20 when it checks, then the game will give you some time crystals.
  2. If you had more than this amount when the game gives crystals, then you would not receive any more.
  3. If you had some crystals, you would only receive a few crystals so you have enough to open the chapter and play a few scenes. 



When a chapter ends, what happens to my leftover Time Crystals?

You get to keep all of your Time Crystals. They can be used to play Time Crystal Chapter scenes you have unlocked and to build and upgrade Time Crystal Buildings that you have earned.

Time Crystal Crafter: Expired


  1. The Time Crystal Crafter no longer creates Time Crystals. 
  2. Any leftover shards you may have had are converted automatically into Time Crystals. 
  3. You can now sell the crafter, or store the item in inventory.


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