How do I find my ID?

Finding your ID is easy in Words of Wonder Mobile!

1) Tap the Settings icon in the upper left corner of your game

  1. Then tap on the (helpdesk/support icon) previously known as the (i) icon

3) Write down your ID, or take a screen shot of the ID

4) Please include this ID with your support Ticket! WITHOUT THIS ID, WE CANNOT HELP YOU!

NOTE: If you are not synced, locate your mobile ID by clicking on the help button.

Why do you need my ID?

We use your ID to locate your game file. Without this ID, we cannot provide gold, boosts, unlock levels or investigate issues you report.

I am not sure if I am synced, how will I know?

-A synced ID is about 10-20 numbers long.

- An ID that is not synced contains letters and numbers, and is 40 characters or longer.

*Note: If you have not yet synced your game with Facebook, we recommend syncing to prevent losing your game if your device is lost or broken.


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