How do I get more Gold?

Gold can be purchased and found on the Purchase tab also known as your Gold bar meter at the top of the game. To purchase gold, simply click on (+) symbol of your gold bar and various options of gold packages will appear in a down down window for you.  After tapping your gold package of choice will then prompt you to the purchase instructions.  

Players can also take part in getting free gold by selecting the Free Gold? option also.  The gold can be earned by participating in various different activities. The activities can range from taking surveys, completing special offers, and much more.  If you attempt to obtain Gold through the your Gold bar/Purchase tab and experience any issues, please make sure to reach out to our support team so that we may investigate the issue and make sure that you receive any Gold that you purchased or earned through surveys and offers.

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    Patricia Hughes

    I purchased 20.00 worth of gold in Words of Wonder and is does not appear.


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