My game is running slow, lagging, crashing, or wont load?

If Words of Wonder does not load for you, loads slowly, crashes, or loads and displays an error message, please see and read the information below on the most common causes and for links and instructions on how to fix this in your game. 

1. If you are experiencing loading problems, it may be possible that you are running on an outdated version of your web browser and/or Adobe Flash player. You can check your browser and Adobe Flash Player version by clicking on the links provided for you below!

2. Words of Wonder requires the most recent version of Adobe Flash Player to be installed in order for the game to run properly. Flash will usually pop up a message whenever a newer version is available; however, if you miss it, please visit this link for the most up-to-date version:

3. Words of Wonder runs on Flash Version 17.0 and higher. To update your flash player go to Updating to the latest version of flash will help to ensure your game to run the smoothest.

4. Words of Wonder runs on all Internet Browser, however, runs the smoothest on the most updated version. The optimal browser that we recommend for all players if Google Chrome! Below is the list of all browsers and links to their latest version available to download:

Here are the list and link of the following updated versions of the supported web browsers:
Google Chrome 43.0 -
Mozilla Firefox 38.0 -
Safari 8.0.5 -
Internet Explorer 11.0 -
(Once your browser and Flash Player is updated to the latest version, be sure to click refresh, and reload your game!)

5. Additionally, we also recommend turning off all 3rd party plug-ins/extensions and disable any pop-up blockers that you have installed in your browser.
*Having these enabled can cause known issues to occur in your game such as freezing, lagging, crashing, or unusual error messages to occur.

6. Lastly, if you have tried all those troubleshooting suggestions, and still facing these loading problems, then we suggest clearing your computer and/or browsers cache. Clearing your cache will make your system run faster and smoother. Internet pages will load faster and more importantly, you will be able to obtain the most up to date game features. Clear your browser's cache, close the browser and open it again. It is also something to do every so often to make sure that your browser is clear from the cache.

Clearing Cache -'s-Cache

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