What are the In-Game Boosts?


+3 Moves  - Adds 3 moves to your current board. 



Shuffle -  Shuffles around the letters on your current board.



Hammer - Allows you the jab the hammer on one letter and remove it from your current board.



Infinity- Grants you unlimited moves and time on your current board.



Detonator - Activates all special tiles on the board.



Tile Swap - Allows you to swap the places of any two (2) standard or Bonus tiles on your current board by clicking on the two (2) specific tiles.



Untie Ribbons - Instantly removes one layer from 3 random ribbons on your board.




Flying Letters Flee - Instantly makes all Flying letters flee your current board for the next three (3) moves.




Quill Net- Allows you to pick and capture one (1) Quill feather from your current board.



Split Giant Tiles- Splits one (1) Giant tile into 4 letter tiles of the same letter from your current board.



Destroy Lava- Clears all Lave and Water tiles from your board with one click.



Defuse Bombs - Clears all bombs from your current board, and allows for no bombs to fall for the next three (3) moves. (*Bombs can still appear from the Curse Tile*)



Crystal Cruncher -Cracks and breaks all Crystal tiles from your current board and turns them back in standard tiles.



Shadow Flash - Allows you to click and remove one (1) Shadow (including fully formed Shadows) from your current board instantly. 



Roam Stopper - Pauses ALL Roaming tiles on your current board for the next three (3) moves. 



  Rock Ward - Removes all Falling Rocks and Falling Rock targets from your current board, and prevents more targets from spawning for the next five (5) turns.




Slime Sleeper - Allows your to select and get rid of an entire 3x1 area of Slime from your current board.




Swirl Smasher - Allows you to destroy one (1) Swirl stone of your choice from your current board. 




Curse Shocker - Allows your to damage and disrupt two (2) random Curse tiles from your current board. 




Cacophony - Allows your to destroy one (1) Sleeper tile from your current board. 




Close Portals - Allows your to Close Portals and prevent new Portals from your current board for three (3) moves. 




Gum Gone - Allows you to remove one (1) spot of Gum from your current board. 




Chain Release - Allows you to remove an entire Chain Ribbon from your current board.




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