What are Gifts?


Gifts- Can vary and change periodically to keep the game fun. With the current gifts available in the game, a player can request, send, and/or claim the  free gifts from their allies in the game. If a gift is available for a player, the gift can be claimed by clicking Accept on the specific gift in the "Messages" tab.  A gift can be sent in two ways, one by clicking on the gift item in your "Gifts" tab and clicking (Send), or by clicking (Accept and Send) when claiming your gift by clicking "Accept and Send". The request for a gift can be done by clicking on gift item in Gifts tab and by clicking "Request". 




Energy -  Energy is what allows you to play the game.  Each level requires 10 counts of energy to be used upon entering the level.  Other game features such as Quests may require Energy to be used but may require different energy count to start each level.  Energy can be granted as gifts from Ally's and also purchased with Gold. A player can have a maximum of 50 counts of energy in their meter at a time and can receive up to 50 requests from different Ally's per day.



+1 Move -  The +1 Move gift allows players to claim a free +1 Moves Boost to their inventory. The +1 Moves if available can be sent and claimed by players in their by clicking on it in their gifts tab in the game. Once claimed, the +1 Moves Boost will be added to the player's inventory as a pre-level boost. If claimed and not added to your inventory, then you may have reached your daily count for that gift.



Diamond - The Diamond gift allow for players to claim free Diamonds which can be used for Quests in the game. Diamond can be claimed by clicking on the gift in your gifts tab in the game. Once claimed, the Diamond will immediately be added your Diamond bar on the game map, and if not added then it may be possible that you have reached your daily limit for this gift.


 *Gift requirements, items, and limits are subject to change upon current game activity.




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