I play the Store Spree for 8 gold, but I never seem to win all of the items, why?

All of the spinners in the game (the Store Spree, the Grounds Raffle, and the City Spree) are games of chance. Sometimes you’ll be lucky and win everything quickly, and other times, it might take quite a few spins.

Here are some thing to note about the Store Spree.

  • When you win clothing or a pet, that prize is replaced by a consolation prize, usually wallpaper or currency.
  • Decor items are not replaced by a consolation prize, so it is possible to win multiples of them.
  • The Store Spree does try to help you win all of the prizes. When you win a new prize, if you don’t win another new prize after a certain number of subsequent spins, you’re guaranteed to get something new. This helps you win the prizes faster by preventing you from spinning indefinitely without eventually winning all the prizes and receiving the bonus reward.
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