Why am I asked for photo permission in the Daily Look Contest?

When City Girl asks you to share your Daily Look, we will also now add a picture of your Daily Look in a Facebook photo album for you. Since this is a new feature, some players will see a Facebook permissions pop-up to allow those pictures to be added to a photo album. Here are the steps that you should take and what happens when you agree to the permissions:


  1. Once you submit your Daily Look, you will be asked to share your look, and you will see a screenshot of your outfit. Clicking Continue with the Sharebox checked will show you a Facebook pop-up for posting to your Facebook wall along with the screenshot that will be used. This will happen every time you create a Daily Look.

  2. Unless you are new to City Girl, you will now see another pop-up from Facebook. This pop-up is asking your permission to "Your photos," which means that a City Girl Life photo album will be created for you. (This pop-up does not give City Girl access to any other pictures.) If you accept by clicking Play Now, the City Girl Life album will be created, and all Daily Look photos will be added to this album. If you do not accept the permission (by clicking Not Now), the City Girl Life album will not be created, and no Daily Look images will be saved to your account. Please note that your Daily Look would still be in the post that is shared to your wall.

  3. Once you have clicked either Play Now or Not Now, the Facebook pop-up will close and the pop-up for sharing your look can be seen again. (Steps 2 and 3 may be swapped for some players, where the Share Your Look pop-up appears before the Permissions pop-up.)

  4. If you click Share without accepting the new permission, the post will be shared to your Timeline only. If you click Share and accept the new permission, the post will be shared to your Timeline and to your friend's walls.

  5. If you click Cancel, no posts will be shared.
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