Transporting Resources

How do I transport Resources?

Possessing a large amount of resources is an important part of acquiring more  in Kingdoms of Camelot.

Transporting resources between your Cities and your alliance members is a convenient way to assist in constructing buildings and training troops, so keep this in mind when helping alliance members.

To transport resources from your City, first select the Rally Point you wish to send resources from. In the window that appears click on the "March Troops" button. Next, click on the "Transport" tab.

In this menu you will be able to select:

  • The troops you want to use to carry your resources
  • The Knight you wish to lead these troops
  • The City or location to which you are transporting your resources

You can choose a location to send your resources by clicking on a specific Bookmark, or typing the coordinates in manually.

Finally, you must also choose the amount of resources that you wish to transport. In this screen it is also possible to add any boosts that you wish to apply to the march. This can be very helpful in transferring resources quickly, so please keep it in mind. Once you are ready to send your resources click "March" at the bottom of the screen and you are done!

You can only transport resources to your other Cities and to alliance members. If your friend is not an alliance member, you will not be able transport resources to that player.

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