Protecting your Account against Scams

Choose a secure password
(Check our Guides: Creating Passwords: Best Practices)

Passwords provide the first line of defense against unauthorized access to your computer. The stronger your password, the more protected you will be.

Change your Password frequently
Get in the habit of changing your Password from time to time. This will strengthen your security, in case your credentials are stolen by a third party software.

Watch out for Account Phishing
Please notice that Support will never request your password or personal information.

  • NEVER give out your password to anyone.
  • NEVER click unknown links from untrusted sources.

Increase your Security
Mobile devices:

  • Make sure that you have optimized the Security Settings of your device.
  • Don't share your phone passwords with anyone at work or in social contexts. Shield input of passwords when in public.
  • Don't program passwords into your cell phone
  • Don’t keep private data in your phone for a long period of time


  • Make sure that you have installed an Antivirus and Antimalware.

Watch what you download!
Key-loggers and other malicious software (malware), such as keystroke loggers, spyware, or viruses, can be used to steal passwords. Be especially careful of downloads that don’t come from the official website.

Common Scams

  • Creating a false identity or impersonating a RockYou official or representative, in order to get your personal information.
  • Advertising free ingame currency in exchange for your login credentials.
  • Third party softwares
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