Building Your First City

What is the best way to build a new City?

This article was written by one of our players, Lord Xenom. This one part of several in the series, Tips for New Players.

How do I train troops/train defenses/research technology/build buildings?

At any one time, you can be constructing a building, researching something (once you have an Alchemy Lab), building defenses (click on your wall) and training a troop (once you have a barracks). Click on an empty plot in the City or Field (see tabs at top left) to select what you want to build. Click on Wall in your city to build defenses (or upgrade your wall). Click on your Alchemy Lab to research. Click on your barracks to train troops. You can queue up as many troops as your number of barracks.

Where do I build an X?
Check your options when you click a blank spot in the city or field. If that doesn’t work, check your research queue in your Alchemy Lab. Some of the research items sound a lot like buildings…

Why won’t it let me construct X?
Most options have prerequisites. If you aren’t allowed to build/research/train something listed, click on the item anyways. Then, look for the place that lists requirements for the item: those listed in red are ones you don’t currently have. It could be that you need to build something, research something, or build up a resource or your population.

How do I destroy a building?
Click on the building. You can either select “Deconstruct” or use a Dragon Stomp item (if you have one).

WHY can’t I build more than one thing at a time??
This is a game that rewards constant attention. On the plus side, build and research times keep increasing at higher levels, so you WILL eventually be able to start an upgrade and walk away for a while. Also, when you build a second city, it will have its own research, build, and training queues (see BUILDING SECOND CITIES).

How do I speed up build & research times?
Everything in Kingdoms of Camelot takes real time. Time is the biggest limiting factor in the game. Eventually, things will take many hours (or even several days) to complete. You can shave off up to 10 minutes if you are willing to pester your friends (select “Upgrade With Help” when building). Knights are a BIG help when assigned to appropriate roles (see “How do I use Knights?”). Also, you can research Giant’s Strength to speed up construction of buildings in the city and fields.

What is the highest level upgrade for a building?
Level 10 if have a Divine Inspiration item (you can buy it with gems, win it in a tourney, or win it in Merlin’s game). Level 9 if you do not.

What are Resources?
They include food, wood, stone, and ore (gold is not counted as a “resource”). All four are produced in your fields. You can find your current totals listed near the top of your screen. Holding your mouse over its picture, shows you more information about it. When the capacity limit is reached, your fields don’t produce any more. The hourly production is the amount you produce per hour. With food, the troop’s upkeep shows how much food your troops are eating each hour. You can see hourly production more easily on the Supply tab at the bottom right corner of your screen.

How do I get more Resources?
Resources replenish based on their hourly production (minus troop upkeep for food). You can increase your long term production of resources by developing (and/or upgrading) your fields, conquering appropriate wilderness spots (they DO stack), assigning a knight to be your steward (after building a Knight’s Hall) and completing appropriate research (after building an Alchemy Lab). In the short term, you can increase production using items from you’re My Items tab (gained by completing quests or spending gems).

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