Applying Tutelages

How do I apply Tutelage items to reduce troop training time?

Tutelage items can now be applied like Hourglasses. 

After you have started training a set of troops, simply click on the red "Speed Up" button under the "In Training" tab in your Barracks or click on the red "Speed Up" button on the right side of your training progress bar in the bottom right corner of your screen. This will pull up the speedup window and will allow you to select the Tutelage that you wish to apply to the training.

The time reduction granted by the Tutelage item will be applied to the remaining training time. This means that if you spend more resources to train troops faster, the time reduction from, for example, a Lancelot's Tutelage, will be 30% of the remaining training time. The sooner you apply the Tutelage, the more effective it will be.

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