Tournaments of Might

What is a Tournament of Might?

A Tournament of Might is a special contest in Kingdoms of Camelot that encourages you to quickly build as much Might as possible. In a Tournament of Might, individual players compete to have the greatest increase in Might on their domain.

Increases in  are only calculated for a set time frame. The amount of time you are given to increase your Might will always be announced before each tournament. Players with the highest increase in Might are rewarded valuable in-game prizes such as Gems or rare Items!

To enter a Tournament of Might you must complete any of the following tasks:

  • Construct and upgrade buildings
  • Train troops
  • Build defensive units on your Wall

Winners will be determined based on the difference between their Might at the start of the Tournament and at the end of the Tournament.

Announcements regarding upcoming Tournaments of Might can be found in your in-game messages or the Announcement Caravan, so be sure to keep an eye out for the next tournament on your domain!

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