How to Use a Coupon Code

In order to use your discount code, please follow these steps:

1. Visit and choose the game you would like to apply this coupon code on. Then click the "Play Now" button on the right-hand side of your screen. (If you received a promotional offer with a coupon code, please take note that the code is only available for use on the game specified.)

2. Click "Get More/Add/Buy" button for Gems, Diamonds, Rubies, or Platinum, and select the package you wish to purchase. The coupon codes can be used by selecting credit card as your method of payment.  

3. You will next see a screen prompting you to fill in your credit card information. At the bottom left side of this screen, you'll see a blue link which says "Enter Coupon Code." Click this, and you can enter your code.

Please note that most codes will give you a one-time discount that can be applied to a single purchase and that all coupon codes do have expiration dates.

Coupon codes can not be applied when purchasing through Facebook, Google Plus, PayPal, Mobile or when using Kabam Game Cards.

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