Incorrect Barbarian Raid Marching Time

How do I fix an incorrect Barbarian Raid Marching Time?

You may encounter an incorrect marching time for a Barbarian Raid after you Portal a City to a new location on the Map. This is usually an issue relating to the communication between the front and back ends of the Kingdoms of Camelot application.

To prevent this issue from happening, please follow these steps before setting up new Barbarian Raids in the City:

  1. After you use a Portal on City, clear your browser's Cache
  2. Refresh the gamescreen in your browser
  3. Set up new Barbarian Raids in your City

To fix an incorrect March time, please try the following steps:

  1. Stop the Barbarian Raid with the incorrect marching time (Please only click once on the Stop tab)
  2. Wait for the Barbarian Raid to be stopped and then delete it
  3. Clear your browser's cache and then refresh your browser
  4. Set up a new Barbarian Raid
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