Fey City Seals

How can I get the Seals to unlock the Fey City?

How can I use Seals to get the Fey Deed?

You can trade in Seals as progress toward completing the Fey City quest. Once you have gathered the necessary Seals and possess an unused Plain, you can trade in your Seals to complete the Fey City Quest and gain your Fey Deed.

Which Seals do I need to complete the Fey City Quest?

You will need all of the following Seals in order to complete the Fey Deed Quest and receive your Fey Deed:

  • 4x Merlin's Seals
  • 3x Aetherseals
  • 2x Ysbadden Seals

Where can I find these Seals?

These specific Seals can be found within Dark Forests. The higher the Dark Forest level you attack, the more likely a Seal will be found.

Can I purchase these Seals?

Yes, you can purchase the Dark Forest Chest in the Shop which contains some of the Seals you will need in order to complete the Fey City Quest. This Chest contains the following:

  • Between 1 and 3 Aether Seals
  • Between 1 and 3 Ysbadden Seals
  • Between 1 and 3 Sidhe Seals

Can I craft these Seals?

Yes, with a level 10 Fey Spire you will have access to the Mist Song and Mist Dirge crafting recipes.

  • Mist Song
    • Ingredients - Morgana’s Seal x1, Blood Lust x1, Bloodstone x7, Guinevere’s Favor x2
    • Aetherstone cost - 80,000
    • Successful crafting - Aetherseal
    • Consolation item - Morgana’s Seal
  • Mist Dirge
    • Ingredients - Aetherseal x1, Stoneskin x1, Tiferstone x3, Lodestone x3, Guinevere’s Favor x2
    • Aetherstone cost - 85,000
    • Successful crafting - Ysbadden Seal
    • Consolation item - Aetherseal
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